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    These definitions are presented here for two purposes.  One is to simply define words that may be unfamiliar or redefine words from our unique perspective.  The second is to offer these definitions as an invitation to join us in creating a new shared reality, connecting us more fully to our spiritual nature and creative power. To get a deeper understanding of the power of language related to creating our reality click here.  

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    Latihan -  A meditation practice which connects you to your inner guidance. It is a practice where you allow breath sound and movement to arise based on inner impulses without any conscious effort. Each movement flows from one to the next and becomes a surprise and a journey into the unknown where all true potentiality resides. Also known as authentic dance.
    love -  When used with authentic feelings and intentions love is a “gift of communication.” When used without the expression of feelings and intentions, love is a puzzle because it does not differentiate between unconditional love (compassion) and conditional love (passion). In all cases, for love to be given or received it must be intended and empowered.