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    These definitions are presented here for two purposes.  One is to simply define words that may be unfamiliar or redefine words from our unique perspective.  The second is to offer these definitions as an invitation to join us in creating a new shared reality, connecting us more fully to our spiritual nature and creative power. To get a deeper understanding of the power of language related to creating our reality click here.  

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    ascension -  The “Esoteric” or “Spiritual Channeling” term for changing and growing the soul. Along with many other terms like “Egoic growth,” “Conscious Evolution,” “Spiritual Growth” and others ascension is synonymous with transformation of the identity.
    Authentic -  To speak, act and in all ways express one's self in such a way that one remains true to and consistent with one's intent or intentions.
    Bodyhan -  A latihan with a specific intention for the giver of the bodyhan to support the receiver of the bodyhan in whatever intention they may set. The giver moves into inner guidance, while the receiver simply moves energy. Also called a bodydance.
    chakra -  The word Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk. It signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body which are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Each of these centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition the Chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements (Jungian concepts), developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and more.
    commitment -  Commitment is a VERY misunderstood distinction. Commonly, a commitment is thought to be a promise to do something or a promise to be a certain way. This is incorrect. Promises to do or be are only intentions, which are highly empowered if the intention has a high probability of being fulfilled or poorly empowered if the intention has a low probability of being fulfilled. A commitment is not an intention. It is also not a promise, or a wish, hope, or dream or a “maybe.” Technically all of these exist in the future while commitments exist only in the present. If it is understood that a human is ALWAYS intending and if it is understood that the ‘mirror reflection of life’ shows the exact state of these intentions then we can see that some of the intentions have been fulfilled and some not fulfilled and some partially fulfilled. Commitment, as a noun, means an already fulfilled intention, full, partial or otherwise. In other words, the mirror reflection of life displays the intentions that you were and possibly still are, committed to. From the point of view of both empowerment and the eternal present (timelessness) commitments and the mirror reflection of life become nearly synonymous.
    conditional love -  Love has both conditional expressions and unconditional expressions. They are both good. Conditional love is fairly well expressed but not well understood. It is that which makes us have a favorite movie, book, actor or friend. It is also that which allows the selection of girlfriends, boyfriends, Oscars, athletes and Nobel prizes. It is actually more like a fulfilled intention or a surprising affection or a predisposition, and it comes from the identity or ego. It is vital for affection, passion and satisfaction.
    conscious -  The quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself. More specifically, being aware of one's identity or ego patterns which can often be unconscious. One can also gain awareness of spiritual contracts or one's life purpose.
    divine feminine -  One aspect or principle of duality which is pure energy or matter. Together with the divine masculine it creates our reality. It can be described in many ways such as being,receiving,chaos,etc.
    divine masculine -  One aspect or principle of duality which is pure consciousness. Together with the divine feminine it creates our reality. It can be described in many ways such as doing, giving, structure, etc.
    divine union -  An experience of the merging of the divine feminine with the divine masculine into oneness or an altered state of nonduality.
    drama -  Drama is the primary tool used by the unconscious for growth. Drama in life is the simple “magnification of a choice.” The purpose of drama is to force the making of some needed choice that is or was in deep unawareness. Drama therefore creates situations that are so magnified that, if successfully used, the needed choice surfaces and becomes obvious and unmistakable. Drama is also used to move energy that has otherwise no chance of being moved, for example, crime or great personal or national betrayal. There are "low energy forms of drama" also like kicking the dog or picking fights, walking around grouchy, complaining, etc. These have their place and serve as "temporary tension relief actions" serving as a "first attempt" for people to tell themselves a change or new choice is needed. If this is not done then the drama amps up and depending on the identity can become crime, bankruptcy, the destruction of property or the destruction of relationships that aren't supposed to be destroyed etc. The ultimate drama is illness and death. It is interesting to note that identities do not create drama. This is because an identity has no need of making new choices! Identities see themselves as complete self-referencing systems having all needed answers. An identity may commit crimes and betrayals and succeed in doing damage but it will view these actions as purely necessary and proper self-preservation. Drama is, in fact, a reality interrupt created by the unconscious desire to grow! The more that growth becomes a conscious process, the less drama occurs. It is, therefore, possible to live a completely drama free life.
    duality -  A concept that our reality is made up of two aspects that can be described in many ways such as positive/negative, hot/cold, dark/light, masculine/feminine. One cannot exist without the other.
    empowerment -  Transformationally, empowerment means to give power to one’s intentions. This means being present and moving energy.
    Identity -  That which you see on the surface or who you "think” yourself to be. The sum total of beliefs, rules, reality definitions and interpretations that is a kind of “energy matrix” which determines what is possible and what is not possible to have, do, feel, experience and so on in life. The identity is that which you identify with as the “me” in the statement “I am me.” * The identity is synonymous with the term ego.
    inner guidance -  The term is synonymous with intuition or a sense of knowing. Inner guidance comes from the personal unknown and doesn't depend on the input of the five physical senses. It's more of a sixth sense. It may come in the form of words, pictures, symbols, visions, dreams, or impulses to move or make sound. They can be distinct and clear or subtle. They provide useful information or answers to questions, and are generally empowering.
    Integrity -  A quality or state of being in which behavior and actions match words. The lowest level of integrity is when one does what one says - keeping your word. A higher level of integrity is to live and follow one's principles. The highest level of integrity is to follow one's truth - to thine own self be true. Remember that truth lives inside one's intentions.
    intention -  To be human is to intend. Intentions are seeds that create our reality. It is, simply, one of the greatest tools that you have. Expressing your intentions will mold unmanifest creative energy into what you want. So, for example, when you state, “I want to feel inspired!” you begin the process of creating that for yourself. It is important to note that intention alone is powerful, but the energy behind it is what germinates it. There may be work to be done on a body/emotional level before you can feel yourself fully empowered to receive that which you want.
    intimate -  Intimacy generally refers to the feeling of being in a close personal association and belonging together. It is a familiar and very close affective connection with another as a result of a bond that is formed through knowledge and experience of the other. Genuine intimacy in human relationships requires dialogue, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity. As a verb "intimate" means "to state or make known". The activity of intimating (making known) underpins the meanings of "intimate" when used as a noun and adjective. As a noun, an "intimate" is a person with whom we have a particularly close relationship. As an adjective, "intimate" indicates detailed knowledge of a thing or person [from Wikipedia] The ultimate form of intimacy is divine union where the merging of two individuals, on an emotional, physical, and energetic level, can become complete and they become as one.
    joy -  A state or condition in which you know that you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Notice that it does not include emotional states in this definition. Hence you may be sad, angry or fearful but still in your joy.
    Latihan -  A meditation practice which connects you to your inner guidance. It is a practice where you allow breath sound and movement to arise based on inner impulses without any conscious effort. Each movement flows from one to the next and becomes a surprise and a journey into the unknown where all true potentiality resides. Also known as authentic dance.
    love -  When used with authentic feelings and intentions love is a “gift of communication.” When used without the expression of feelings and intentions, love is a puzzle because it does not differentiate between unconditional love (compassion) and conditional love (passion). In all cases, for love to be given or received it must be intended and empowered.
    make wrong -  Trying to keep something out of existence that is in existence or trying to come into existence. A make wrong is a “denial of existence” that is the exact opposite of unconditional love. Some forms of make-wrong are blame, regret and guilt.
    Mirror -  Within the concept of transformation, this word can be used as a noun or verb to denote how reality or life will give direct feedback about one's intentions, both conscious and unconscious.
    moving energy -  The basic action or phenomenon of self-change or transformation. When life energy or emotional energy is authentically moved with an intention for change the identity is altered. Energy movements are feel-able in many ways although generally this must be re-learned as most aspects of the natural ability children have for it have been culturally suppressed and unlearned. Energy may also be moved within intentions for celebration, creativity and the expression of divinity as in music and dance.*
    nonduality -  A concept or state that is achieved when duality ceases to exist, when there is a sense of oneness with the all that is. For example, when giving becomes receiving and receiving becomes giving or when doing and being are one and the same.
    power -  The ability to get what you want. People with more power get more of what they want. People with less power get less of what they want. Power exists only in the present, not in the past or future. One’s power is inseparable from one’s ability to be present.
    reframing -  Seeing and choosing the most empowering meaning possible in any given situation or interaction. It is a way to change your perspective around old ways of thinking or interpreting what happened in a way that feels good. This approach is especially helpful when you are triggered or charged in any way. It can also be used as a practice of compassion and self love.
    sensation tracking -  This is a modality that supports one in being fully present in the body. You simply track sensations in the body. It can lead to emotional clearing and changes in one's energy matrix.
    tantrahan -  A latihan or authentic dance with a partner with an intention to share sexual energy.
    transformation -  To change from within and create a different outer reality as a result of inner self-change.
    unconditional love -  Love has both conditional expressions and unconditional expressions. Unconditional love is fairly well understood but not well expressed. It is quite literally ‘love without conditions.’ Thus the terrorist, the mother, the criminal abuser and the father are loved without conditions and therefore equally. It is God’s or Christ’s love, and is vital for transformation, nurturing and growth.
    unconscious -  A state of not being aware or a lack of self knowledge. See conscious.
    vibrant -  alive, full of life. Inside our energy model, it is when energy is fully flowing through the energy matrix that is your body.
    voices -  Any internal thoughts or monologue based on history, conditioning, or anything from our past or previous experience. They can be very clear and distinct or be more of a vague sense of "something’s wrong". There can be such an ingrained belief that you can’t even distinguish a voice from inner guidance, only that it feels true. You may even have evidence proving it’s true, but it may not reflect what’s possible, or the reality of others. These voices are generally disempowering, and the more you believe in them, the more power they have to determine your life. Sometimes called monkey mind or the inner critic.