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    Money is just energy, much like love. However, our identities can have a multitude of meanings around anything related to money such as the cost for my services. There is also a lot of cultural conditioning that says spiritual work is not something you should charge money for.  My intention here is to explain and clarify my fee structure and how money can sometimes interfere with people’s ability to receive what I offer.  An aricle that is worth reading on the subject of money can be found here.

    I use a sliding scale for my fee structure because people’s resources can vary widely and I want to ensure that my work is available to those who really want it, but don’t have a lot of money.  At the same time, I think that there needs to be some sort of energy exchange that takes place.  The energy I give through my service needs to be balanced somehow.  For some people $50 may be a large percentage of their income, and for others $200 may represent only a small fraction of their income.  There is some truth that can be arrived at as to what the authentic price is for a particular service.  The sliding scale provides some guidelines.  One last thought about my sliding scale is that I realize it is a current reflection of my own self value around receiving money for my offerings.

    Another piece to this is that getting a service for free or at a low cost can actually affect what the person receives.  There are many people have a deep seated belief or voice that you get what you pay for.  If you look at some people or organizations who charge substantial fees for their workshops or private sessions, you’ll find that there are a lot of people willing to pay for their services.  I’m sure there is some correlation between the cost and what they expect to receive in return.  There have been instances in my practice where I gave a scholarship to an individual and they ended up with a pretty low level of transformation.  I’ve also had instances where a price was determined after a session or project and they received so much that they wanted to pay more than my fee.  Ultimately, what I offer is truly priceless, but price can often determine what you receive.

    I do offer a limited number of work trades and scholarships.  These are given based on several factors.

    Work trade:  This is based on your financial resources, commitment level, and if the work trade is something of value to me.

    Scholarships:  This is based on your financial resources, commitment level, and if I feel and see the truth of it.