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    The Transformational Dance of Eros – This introductory class will feed your body, mind and spirit.

    Eros is one of the Greek words for love, and is defined as erotic desire, passion, the life force energy.  In this experiential class you will learn about an inner guidance practice called authentic dance which engages breath, sound and movement from a place of deep connection to spirit, which steadily opens you to the flow of life force energy, safely awakening the kundalini energy in your body.  This practice has been proven to deepen your trust in life, expand your capacity for pleasure, joy, bliss and ecstasy, and empower your creativity and intentions for a life you love.  The ultimate experience in the Dance of Eros is Divine Union where a total merging of the energies with your partner creates Oneness.  Come join us and see how this practice can expand to create a life lived completely in the flow.  Explore our wisdom and technology section to learn about some of the concepts and tools we use to empower ourselves.


    Short Bio:

    John has been leading workshops internationally for over 20 years both in the work world and in personal life empowerment.  His work ranges from empowering organizations around interpersonal relationships and communications to supporting individuals in realizing their full potential as spiritually embodied human beings.  Everything he shares and teaches comes from integrated personal experiences and his own life creations.  A few of these results include making $100,000 in a single day (prior to this, the most he made was $60,000 in a year), creating the intimate relationship of his dreams, and creating a life of ease, beauty and play.