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  • from Sharon Kraus

    2011 - 10.27

    Dear Friends,

    I’d like to share a little about my personal experience of the course and why I feel it’s important to make it available to the community. Since the process of human growth and transformation, my own and other people’s, is the most fun and interesting aspect of life to me, I have explored many things from the healing arts to a variety of spiritual and physical practices. This course provided a missing piece for me that could have made everything else more effective had it come sooner. Even still, the timing is perfect.

    Over the past decade, I got so involved in (and frankly exhausted by) my acupuncture practice that I really had lost touch with my joy. A very moving and inspiring trip to Rwanda had also awakened a sleeping giant of emotional pain in me that I had no idea how to manage. By the time I got to the 10-day Course in L.A. July 2006, I was like someone who had crawled through a desert and finally collapsed at the front door of a sanctuary. I didn’t care if I was a basket case. I was ready to deal with the underlying boulders of stuck energy and emotion that had gotten me to this dead end. It seemed the heaviness and disconnection living inside of me had been there since I was a very little girl. Everything on my path up to this point – all the therapy, or spiritual and physical practices – had helped me lead a seemingly productive and functional life, but without finally addressing these “rocks” that had always lived in my gut, my vitality and sense of pleasure, purpose and effectiveness in life was about gone.

    In the profound space of non-judgmental, unconditional love provided during the Course, combined with simple but powerful tools to move energy and focus intention as instructed through Greg, I was able to safely access and release some of the deepest, most unexpected reservoirs of emotional pain, fear and anger imaginable. I could scarcely believe what came pouring out. No wonder I had abandoned so many creative endeavors and relationships that had been meaningful to me in my life. Every time something had begun to bring up this vast pain in me, I had had to unconsciously stop it. No wonder I had not been able to address this in therapy despite the fact that I must have had one of the most amazing therapists on the planet. She was even trained to work in a very experiential way, but an hour a week and the space held by just the two of us somehow wasn’t big enough to safely process what came up for me. I moved so much energy during those ten days that I felt utterly revitalized. My friends thought I was radiant.

    The beauty of it is that this was just the beginning. As I was leaving the course, Greg Ehmka said to me, “You have a lot of work to do. That was a good start.” With the momentum I gained during that ten days of clearing and processing, combined with my own determination and intention to continue this process in a daily way, my life is becoming truly magical. As Greg says often during the Course, “It’s simple, but not always easy!” I feel more alive, more present, more true to myself. Sometimes living more lovingly, in alignment with my deepest heart, involves making a choice to change or to feel something uncomfortable. Every day I am having a new experience of myself. Sometimes I don’t like myself at all…and fortunately that energy passes, and then in the moment following I am in awe of the beauty and sweetness emerging.

    I’d also like to say a few words about my experience with Greg Ehmka. Since this work can involve vulnerability, I think who the teacher is and how he shows up needs to be addressed. A number of you met him at one of the two introductory evenings I hosted at my home over a month ago, and I noticed that he generated the widest possible range and intensity of responses from the people present. His energy is very strong and my experience is that whatever is an issue for people is what becomes present for them when they interact with him. This can be VERY useful in the transformational process. During the Course and in all subsequent interactions, I have felt masterfully coached, completely supported, and never intruded upon. He has matched my energy and commitment throughout. As far as who he is and his teaching, I have found him to be disarmingly brilliant, immediately present and in that sense intimate with people, loving, supportive, charismatic and unafraid of his own sexuality or that of others (an important point when dealing with the sorts of emotional blockages and wounding present for most of us in this culture), RESPECTFUL of other people’s sovereignty, unbound by convention, true to himself, 100% committed to improving life on this planet.

    This Joyful Empowerment Course is fundamentally about helping participants to discover and embrace their own truth – not Greg Ehmka’s truth or anyone else’s. In this context (and in all of life!) whatever you intend, you can create, be it a stronger marriage or relationship, spiritual connection, freedom, financial success, pleasure, you name it. It is your choice on how or if you create a life that you love.

    In the spirit of the loveliness in all life,